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Eyelashes extensions

Finally it is possible! Naturally beautiful, long, thick eyelashes that last up to four weeks! Lasting and naturally beautiful eyelash extensions can now be achieved using a specially developed application method and top-quality adhesive and lash extensions from Xtreme Lashes.

The Eyelashes

Eyelashes from Xtreme Lashes are made of fine synthetic hair. This hair is non-allergenic and is more flexible than natural eyelash hair. Each lash is perfectly crafted to give your natural eyelash a great curve. Xtreme Lashes are applied individually to your real eyelash hair and attached using a special adhesive. You will not be able to see the join. Eyelashes from Xtreme Lashes are not noticeable, and they protect your eyelash hair without causing any damage.

Eyelash extensions are available in various colours and lengths, which means that your every wish can be fulfilled. Application of Xtreme Lashes is absolutely pain free. The treatment lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how many lashes are applied.

You can now turn your dream of lasting, natural, beautiful, long eyelashes into a reality - and make yourself look like a Hollywood star. Xtreme Lashes extensions make it possible!


Eyelash-Extensions Prevention Center Zurich - Before-After
Eyelash-Extensions Prevention Center Zurich - Before-After