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Anti Aging by TimeBlock®

TimeBlock® is a highly concentrated plant-based formula which supports cell activity and thus counteracts the ageing of cells. TimeBlock® consists of two different active ingredients that are optimally adapted to the human circadian rhythm.

Telomer Complex Day® increases bodily function processes and stimulates the metabolism, for more vitality and energy. Telomer Complex Night® encourages the body's own hormone metabolism and cell division. The herbal active ingredients support the body's defensive functions and accelerate detoxification processes. 
Timeblock- Anti-Aging-Produkt im Prevention Center erhältlich

In addition, TimeBlock® contains a number of additional anti-ageing drugs such as many essential vitamins. This promotes the body's collagen production and the elasticity of the connective tissue. The immune system is strengthened, detoxification processes are accelerated and the entire nervous system is stabilised. TimeBlock® helps you naturally achieve a youthful freshness and radiant skin.


The highly concentrated active ingredients for the TimeBlock® anti-ageing product are exclusively obtained from plants that are specially cultivated and processed for this product on deep and fertile soils. The low pH of the microfauna and the low CO2 content in the environment ensure optimised nutrients. The plants are also harvested under selected conditions - the timing and method of harvest are crucial for the enrichment of the active substance.


Every single cell of our body contains our genetic information, DNA. Telomeres are one component of our DNA. The ends of the telomeres shorten with each further cell division until the cell dies. Telomere length is, therefore, a marker of an individual's ageing process.

The active substance in TimeBlock® has a positive effect on the telomeres responsible for cell division. As a result, the resulting shortening of the telomeres can be replenished and the lifetime of the cells are prolonged. The plant-based active ingredients in TimeBlock® support cell regeneration in a natural way and thus counteract the advancing ageing process.

TimeBlock®, the herbal anti-ageing product is available for you in our online shop. Of course, we will also love to advise you personally about this product and any other concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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